The 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, Heather Anderson hosts Midtown Out Loud at Shine! A provocative, dynamic & uncensored Midtown venue for all forms of poetry and acoustic performance. Be it spoken word, dub, 12-string, a cappella, your own material or another’s…come, play, read, earn bragging rights…and over a cup of coffee or a pint, be inspired, made to laugh and moved by Midtown Out Loud! MOL photography courtesy of Kim Berns.

Shine features many talented local artist on our walls. Be sure to come by for a delicious coffee drink and take in the beautiful art. We change the art monthly, so you’ll need to keep coming back! If you’d like to show your art on our walls, use the art submission form on our contact us page.
ron kenedi
Ron Kenedi’s work is a personal, vibrant reflection of the many eclectic places and times he’s lived in. Bold lines, adventurous colors & dramatic shading undeniably reflect Ron Kendi’s fine art.
namon little
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kaitlee venable
Kaitlee artistic interests were always encouraged by family, especially her mother, and as such “artist” became an early part of her identity. It did not take long for her to become most interested in the human form, with earliest renditions dating back to 2005. Other subject interests have focused primarily on sea life, other animals, and some landscape.